Virtual Art Gallery:

Thank you to all who participated in our Virtual Art Gallery!

  1. Becky Moore, "Pressure Makes Diamonds"
  2. Anita Bailey
  3. Debi Kramer, "Remembering My Maui"
  4. Debi Kramer
  5. Debi Kramer
  6. Shari Fry, "Hubcap Love"
  7. Shari Fry, "Girl with the Curl"
  8. Shari Fry, "Pocket Park in Columbiana, Fall Blooms"
  9. Shari Fry, "Pure Gold"
  10. Kelly Houck
  11. Kelly Houck
  12. Kelly Houck
  13. Keegan Reynolds, "Cupcake Pumpkin"
  14. Owen Reynolds, "Deadpool Pumpkin"

You can also view the Art Galley on our Facebook page!